Useful links

Here are some links and website that you might find interesting.

  • Fascinating lecture by Daniel Immerwahr at the Huntington Library. Check it out – brilliant, informative, amusing!
  • Theater J. Fantastic professional theater in Washington, DC.  (And hey, Adam Immerwahr is artistic director!).
  •  Sharing the most amazing anthropological research findings in easily accessible stories, created by Wenner-Gren when I was on the board.
  •  This was my attempt to pass on what I learned about teaching in my forty-seven years of college teaching.  It is now maintained by the Philosophy Documentation Center.
  • Philadelphia Museum of Art Floor Plan.  If you put your mouse on a particular gallery and click on it, you see the paintings in that gallery.
  • Hielbrunn Timeline of Art History (Metropolitan Museum of Art).  A very useful resource for short essays about various artists and movements.
  •  More info on the Immerwahr family, including material about my parents and art works by my brother Donald Immerwahr.
  • Information about our most famous relative Clara Immerwahr (1870-1950).
  •  My favorite website for Septa Regional Rail schedules.
  • Great utility for combining pdf files.